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Evolutionists Shouldn’t Garden

This morning I was out early watering the flowers and other plants in the garden.  It suddenly occurred to me that this is an unnatural act.  These plants need to make it on their own.  If nature doesn’t give them the water they need to survive, let them die.  Evolution demands it.  Survival of the fittest, baby!

Really, think of the absurdity of watering roses, petunias, lilacs, daisies, clematises and others of their seed-bearing superfluous ilk.  I mean I can understand taking care of plants that feed us—especially if somebody else does it for me.  I need food.  The human species needs food.  But do we really need all of these other plants?  If Mother Nature wants them to survive, she’ll send them water.  If not, dead and gone and good riddance.

Worse yet people foolishly become attached to these plants.  They tenderly care for them.  Pluck out weeds.  Fertilize them.  They even talk to them and weep over the ones that don’t make it.  People like this must have some kind of genetic disorder that loves red, orange, violet, yellow, pink, blue and all of those unnecessary colors.  It causes them to act irrationally and waste time and water on these parasites.  Wake up, people!  I don’t eat colors.  You don’t eat colors.  We don’t need flowers.

Now, I know some of you will howl, “But Darwin gardened!”  No doubt he did.  A great man, but he didn’t see everything clearly.  He was unfortunately hampered by his upbringing.  The English seem to like wasting time on gardening.  So?  What do you expect from a nation that invented a sport like cricket?

Even worse, Darwin was raised an English gentleman.  He was trained to be kind to others and patient and to control his urges.  Well, the English gentleman is an endangered species that will soon be extinct naturally.  Still, Darwin in spite of his limitations got us on to the right track.  Evolution had to start somewhere, I guess, even the ideas about evolution.

Adolph Hitler and the Nazis present a special problem.  Of course, I don’t mean all the people that he caused to die.  Stuff happens in the ever upward evolutionary path.  Also, I’m not interested in drivel about Aryan superiority.  They got clobbered, although I’ll admit that I can’t quite figure out how survival of the fittest works if large masses of the weaker join together to overcome the stronger.  Maybe the stronger need to be smart enough to look at the numbers.  Not sure.  Have to think about that one.

No, what bothers me is the Nazi fascination with eugenics.  Once again, don’t misunderstand me (How tiresome it is to have to keep explaining myself to others that don’t get things the first time.).  I’m not concerned with the alleged cruelty.  That’s just part of the survival of the fittest game and, as they say, it’s not often pretty.  What bothers me is that they and today’s genetic engineers try to improve on the course of natural selection.

The problem isn’t that they’re wrong in messing with some higher power.  I don’t believe in one, unless it is natural selection. Their messing around with natural selection, however, means that the evolutionary process has created a being that is superior to itself and can actually intervene and control it.  Is it possible that a mindless process creates a mind?  I don’t get it.  How can that be?

And it’s not just eugenics.  It’s a whole slew of Homo sapiens contradictions.  Humans are self-conscious like no other animal.  They are aware of natural processes.  Wildebeests don’t think about natural selection.  If they did, they might try to do something about the lions.  Homo sapiens can, as it were, stand outside of themselves and think about themselves.  The selfie craze is pretty stupid, but other animals don’t want to take pictures of themselves.

Worst of all, humans sometimes act against natural selection.  Not often, but they do it.  They feel pity for the handicapped.  They want to give to the poor.  They even worry about animals becoming extinct!  How much against natural selection can that be?  I don’t think lions would start a “Save the Wildebeest Society.”

And they garden.  Hmm.  I don’t get it.  Man seems to act like he’s different from the rest of the world, as if he were some godlike being that was placed here on earth to care for it and improve it.  But of course that can’t be.  We know there’s no God.  That’s a primitive idea.  We’ve evolved beyond that.


2 thoughts on “Evolutionists Shouldn’t Garden

  1. Bill, or is it Lord Whimsey,

    I appreciate your Jonathan Swift type observations of evolutionists. Of course, the party line these days is that we enjoy beauty and want to protect the weak members of our species because over many millennia our capacity to do so has been slowly encoded into our DNA . Of course, reality TV seems flies in the face our evolved predilections. Snooky vs. Miss Manners.

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